coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #18

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you how last week, I stuck my foot in my mouth (by saying something I shouldn't have) and it didn't taste good. I was seeing a patient who had a stroke, but was stable considering, and we were actually having a good conversation. I noticed her caretaker had… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #18

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #17

If we were having coffee, I'd sip on my cup of black coffee while looking at you with judging eyes for adding milk and sugar to your coffee, because, I mean, If the coffee isn't black is that coffee? I'd start the conversation by asking you this question: If a reputable university offers you 1… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #17

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What I learnt in my 3 months of paediatric posting

I just completed my three months rotation in pediatrics department, and, as a farewell gift, a little girl decided to pee on my "Friday wear" as I was rounding up. No worries, I am in a different set of clothe as I type this. So far, I have been bled on, peed on, vomited on,… Continue reading What I learnt in my 3 months of paediatric posting

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: New week, New beginnings

I don't know if you have ever woken up and the first thing you thought of was- oh crap, I have work today again. And for a few minutes, you moan on the bed, toss and turn, curse the fact that you have to get off the comfort of your blanket and go to work,… Continue reading Monday Motivation: New week, New beginnings

Monday Motivation

Motivation Monday: Teachable moments

Are you the kind of person to correct someone when they make a mistake or are you the kind to say, "oh well, they are on their own", and you allow them to continue with their mistakes. For this week's Motivation, I wanted to talk about "teachable moments". Let's say you go to a restaurant… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Teachable moments

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #16

If we were having coffee, I'd ask you how your night was and hope it was better than mine because that thing called "menstrual cramps" shortened my sleep at around 3:30am. At 3:30am, while the world was asleep, it all made sense to me why I was irritable and incredibly hungry and craving for the… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #16

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #13

If we were having coffee, in the spirit of spilling my tea, I have two confessions which are both related to my sister, (yup, the same sister who once forgot the birthday gift I bought for her). One of the confessions, she is aware of, but the other, she is about to find out right… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #13