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Coffee with Ameena #16

If we were having coffee, I'd ask you how your night was and hope it was better than mine because that thing called "menstrual cramps" shortened my sleep at around 3:30am. At 3:30am, while the world was asleep, it all made sense to me why I was irritable and incredibly hungry and craving for the… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #16

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #15

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how this week I was looking through some of my old pictures when I was 15/16, in my first year of university, and I smiled at how I look nothing like what I used to look like then. I lived differently, loved differently, dressed differently, reacted differently.… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #15

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #13

If we were having coffee, in the spirit of spilling my tea, I have two confessions which are both related to my sister, (yup, the same sister who once forgot the birthday gift I bought for her). One of the confessions, she is aware of, but the other, she is about to find out right… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #13

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A day in Lagos market… Again

  I was chatting with a friend earlier this week and in between texts, she wrote, "adulthood Issa scam", and I thought, girl, you spoke the truth. Adulthood was supposed be like a beautiful episode of Hannah Montana, filled with laughter and romance and friendship, not to mention, adventures and freedom as well. But No,… Continue reading A day in Lagos market… Again

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #10

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that last week tried my spirit. I’d tell you how the spirit of gratitude is one of the things that got me through the week. If we were having coffee, I’d try my best to make the date humorous, even though I am in need of humour… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #10

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #9

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I believe there are friends for a reason and friends for a season, and then there are the ones who are here to stay through the thunder and lighting, the gravel walk and sandstorms, those are your ride or die. And they make living in… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #9

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #8

If we were having coffee, I’ld gulp down the entire cup of black coffee in a snap and tell you how its been a "multiple cups of coffee" kinda week.  If we were having coffee, I’ll unburden an issue which has been bugging at me. I’ll tell you how I have seen and heard way… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #8